Coral Island

by Ralph Rover


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This EP is a similar to a film score, except that the songs are written to accompany (and perhaps aurally describe) the events in chapter 2 of R.M. Ballantyne's novel "Coral Island. Each chapter begins with a series of phrases that describe what happens in this chapter. In the case of chapter 2 the words are:

The departure—The sea—My companions—Some account of the wonderful Sights we saw on the great deep—A dreadful storm and a frightful wreck.

These are the track titles, as you may have noticed.

My brother played pianette on track 3 (My companions). Thanks brother.

I wrote this ep because I am not a big fan of the class I had to read this book for. I read it for a British imperialism course. I also don't old like British literature.

Only track four (Some account...) has lyrics.

Track 5 (A dreadful storm...) will always remain unfinished.

The album cover is a creative commons image from wikipedia of a waterspout. The font is called "Portals" I believe.

I am Ralph Rover and I only wrote this god damn piece because I can't even stay interested in myself.


released November 25, 2012



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Ignis Fatuus Ontario

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Track Name: Some accounts of the wonderful sights we saw on the great deep
I saw a mouth open into an ocean
Yeah I know
Everyone's listening to me

When I come home
you're all waiting to hear
what I saw
In the deep.

I crushed some homes
I destroyed their land
so welcome me back
with open hands.